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Archive: 2002

The 2002 Great Collingwood Street Trolley Derby:
Saturday, 26 January

78 drivers registered to compete in 55 trolleys

28 January, 2002 - Media Release

Blue bullet wins gold in trolley derby

Some opted for speed, some for style and others for downright quirkiness at the Collingwood Street Trolley Derby on Saturday.

Entrants lined up in all sorts of contraptions fashioned from spare bicycle parts, wheelchairs and other odds and ends.

A few found the demanding downhill course of Nelson's Collingwood St a bit too much, developing the speed wobbles or in some cases crashing.

But for the likes of Sam Laidlaw, whose sleek machine was dubbed the "Blue Bullet'', it was a thrilling experience.

He clocked up speeds of up to 65km/h as he tore down the hill in his torpedo-shaped trolley, complete with a fully enclosed cockpit.

Jacquetta Bell - Nelson Media Agency

Trolley Name Drivers Team Grades
Flower Power 2 Allister Meffan Hampden Street School Zippers
Broomstick Claudia Palmer The Untouchables Zippers
Speed Demon Harry Kelly-Tait Café Kart Racing Zippers
Racing Raspberry Jonathon Growcott ??? Zippers
GE Free Kenneth Tyree ??? Zippers
Golden Flash Sam Johnson Team Johnson Zippers
Seans Funny Car Sean Gourdie Team Gourdie Automotive Racing Zippers
Red Devil Te Wera Hauraki Mihaere Founders Zippers
Amos Hits William Balthus Team Balthus Bandits Zippers
Smooth Runner Angus Rooney Team Power Supply Zoomers
Super-Sonic Callum Greenfield Central School Zoomers
Speedy Gonzales Christopher Malcolm Team Malcolm Magic Zoomers
Flower Power 2 Claude Meffan Hampden Street School Zoomers
Dastardley Dan Daniel Wilkes Team StewDan Zoomers
The Skum Bag George Kelly-Tait Café Kart Racing Zoomers
The Rooster Gus Shade Nelson Central School Zoomers
Igor Jesse Jones Team Angle Box Racing Zoomers
Spin Out Jimmy Neville The Spinners Zoomers
The Snail Joe Dixon Team Snail Zoomers
The Whizzer Joe Maxted ??? Zoomers
Butt Ugly Keegan Valentine Byrman ??? Zoomers
Igor Levi Jones Team Angle Box Racing Zoomers
Mach 3 Liam Watson Toshi/Liam/Rex Zoomers
Black Flame Matthew Fitzsimons ??? Zoomers
Regans Go! Kart Regan Woodford St Pauls Zoomers
Stewarts Cyles Bullet Sam Laidlaw Uncle Sams Flying Circus Zoomers
Igor Shane Bowman Team Angle Box Racing Zoomers
Bloopa Theo Walton Bussa Zoomers
Speed Demon Tommas Kelly-Tait Café Kart Racing Zoomers
Mach 3 Toshi Bolwell Toshi/Liam/Rex Zoomers
??? Warren James Reynolds Nayland Zoomers
Broomstick Adrian Fowler The Untouchables Sprinters
Tri Trolley Alan Shaw ??? Sprinters
Smooth Runner Alex Rooney Team Power Supply Sprinters
Stoke Cycles Slug Andy Selwood Stoke Cycle Centre Sprinters
Speed God Anthony Clouston Team Wolfe Sprinters
Geriatric Special Ben Keys Team Wheelchair Sprinters
The Whizzer Ben Maxted ??? Sprinters
Quicksilver Cleo Woodall Nelson Intermediate Sprinters
The Snail Harry Dixon Team Snail Sprinters
Igor Jethro Bowman Team Angle Box Racing Sprinters
Devil - Fish Jordan Abernathy Team Rumble Sprinters
Flamester Joshua Roughan ??? Sprinters
V8 Haunter Kurt Johnson Team Johnson Sprinters
Flower Power 2 Mary Ayre ??? Sprinters
Max 1 Max Morgenstern Nelson College Prep Sprinters
The Re-Cycle Michael Steele ??? Sprinters
Stoke Cycles Slug Mike Gane Team Stoke Cycle Centre Sprinters
Speedy Gonzales Nick Malcolm Team Malcolm Magic Sprinters
Jaws Otis C. Shirley Shark Attack Sprinters
Flower Power 2 Patrick Meffan Team Roundhay Sprinters
Speed Racer Paul van der Waal Team Ben Paul Sprinters
Broomstick Richard Adams The Untouchables Sprinters
Mullet Head Saxon Hapeta Motupipi School Sprinters
Lil' Lightnin' Shane Rodger Team Lightning Sprinters
The Extreme Machine Stephen Fletcher The Extreme Team Sprinters
Spin Out Andrew Thoms The Spinners Rockets
Snot Banger 3 Graham Heyward Snot Banger Racing Rockets
Tri Pod Ian Mortimer ??? Rockets
Broomstick Jamara Bathgate-Palmer The Untouchables Rockets
Spin Out Jenny Shallcrass The Spinners Rockets
Rat-Mobile Oliver Whalley Team Rat Man Rockets
Igor Peter Jones Team Angle Box Racing Rockets
Rod Reuben McCormack Team Rod Rockets
Ole Red Rob McKegney Vintage Red Rockets
The Re-Cycle Stephen Steele ??? Rockets
Black Suede Bandit Warwick Steev 55 Club Rockets
The Yellow Peril Andy Williams Team Festival Raiders
Touch of Gold David Paine Team Midas Car Care Raiders
The Hornet John Gilbertson Team Brightwater Engineering Raiders
Evolution Mitch Wilson GMR Raiders
Jarvis Mitchell Bateman Team Scott & Mitch Raiders
Flower Power 2 Peter Meffan Nelson Intermediate Raiders
Quicksilver Richard Woodall Team Adcock & Donaldson Raiders
The Dripster Stuart McKenzie Tim Miller Plumbing & Pyers Services Raiders
Broomstick Tim Adams The Untouchables Raiders
??? Eelco Boswiijk Heywood Celebrity
??? Sue Tunney Pahl Celebrity
Incomplete Records - Can you help?

As the derby first went online in late 2005,on Wednesday, 21 September at records for the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 derbies are rather patchy

  • the names of several trolleys are missing
  • there are very, very few photos on file

If you think/know that you can help us fill in the gaps, please send an email to ASAP