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Archive: 2003

The 2003 Collingwood Street Supervalue Trolley Derby:
Saturday, 18 January - 2pm – 5pm

58 drivers registered to compete in 50 trolleys

20 January 2003

King of the Hill Title Defended

Nelson Mail
Monday, 20 January 2003
Nelson man Sam Laidlaw has earned his name as King of the Hill after winning the Collingwood St Trolley Derby for the second consecutive year.

Hundreds of spectators lined the street on Saturday as about 80 trolleys of all shapes, sizes and styles sped down the street.

Mr Laidlaw took first place in the adult category racing his Blue Bullet.

Cameron Eggers, 10, tries to reduce his wind resistance in Saturday's Collingwood St Trolley Derby.
But he had to overcome some tough competition from 13-year-old Ben McConochie who took first place in the race heats in a trolley that Mr Laidlaw had made.

In the final, Mr Laidlaw reached speeds of up to 70km/h as he tore down the hill to take the chequered flag and first place.

The Blue Bullet was the same torpedo-shaped trolley he blew the competition away with last year and which he built more than a decade ago. Some of the other trolleys included the Hustler, the Devil's Own, Wheely Fast and a miniature 1961 Ferrari.

Coordinator Andy Williams said the day had been a great success and he hoped it would now be an annual family day out.

"This is only the second year of the derby but we are seeing more aerodynamics being built into the trolleys," he said.

"Drivers were getting very tactical. They knew where all the potholes were and how to run the road."

Mr Williams said while some trolleys were built for speed there were some built purely for style.

"It was a brilliant day out," he said.

"People really got into the spirit of it. A lot of parents this year did get very competitive but it is all about getting out there and giving it a go. It is great to see so many young kids out there with family and friends cheering them on."

The Nelson Mail

17 January 2003

Trolley racers ready to go

The thrill of hurtling full speed down Collingwood Street on homemade wheels has attracted almost a hundred entrants to tomorrow's Trolley Derby.

Coordinator Andy Williams says interest has been running hot in this year′s event, which pits backyard-built trolleys against each other in a down-hill race. He says entrants range in age from three to seventy, and he says over decades, the fascination with trolley-ing has never waned. Andy Williams says veteran Collingwood Street Trolley Derby title holder Sam Laidlaw is certainly up against some tough competition this year.

10 December 2002 - Media Release

Thrills and Spills on the Hills

In these days of safety concerns and harm reduction, thrills can be elusive for kids of all ages. What’s more, the commercialised thrill is an expensive thrill. Make way for the Supervalue Trolley Derby – a celebration of backyard ingenuity, recycled materials and the sheer sensation of speed that only comes where your bottom is just centimetres from the tarmac!

However there are safety rules including the wearing of approved safety helmets, long trousers, jackets and gloves.

The Trolley Derby was revived as an essential element of the Summer Festival last year and is now here to stay. The council is even hauling out the islands they put in its way, so the trolleys can hurtle down Collingwood Street unimpeded.

Now is the time to get your design team together and start building your speed machine so you too can experience the thrill of the hill on January 18.

Festival director Annabel Norman says the big challenge is to wrest the laurels from long time champion Sam Laidlaw.

“He wins every year,” she says. “We want to see someone build a faster trolley than Sam and wipe that smile off his dial!”

You can get help with designing safe and speedy trolleys at workshops on the 8th and 15th of January at 66 Vickerman St (near Anchor Bar and Grill) for registered drivers - details on registration form. Bring your materials.

Entry is free.

There are race categories for all ages and for individuals and teams.

Pick up your entrance form and construction information from Civic House or Supervalue and listen on Fresh FM for details of trolley making workshops.

Jacquetta Bell - Nelson Media Agency

Incomplete Records - Can you help?

As the derby first went online in late 2005,on Wednesday, 21 September at records for the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 derbies are rather patchy

  • the names of several trolleys are missing
  • there are very, very few photos on file

If you think/know that you can help us fill in the gaps, please send an email to ASAP