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Archive: 2004

The 2004 Collingwood Street Supervalue Trolley Derby:
Saturday, 24 January - 1pm ~ 4pm

87 drivers registered to compete in 64 trolleys

26 November 2003 - Media Release

The Collingwood Street Supervalue Trolley Derby is back and faster than ever before


2004 Summer Festival Programme
This celebration of backyard ingenuity, recycled materials and speed is scheduled for January 24th as part of the Sealord Summer Festival.

Co-ordinator Anthony Hodgson says the event will be faster this time round for two reasons.

“Firstly the street has been resurfaced with a very smooth asphalt which we reckon will push the top trolleys to over 80kmh,” he said. “And we’ve worked with the Hot Rod Club on getting the trolleys back up the hill faster, so we can have more races with shorter gaps between.”

Now is the time to get your design team together and start building your speed machine so you too can experience the thrill of the hill on January 24. You can get help with design and construction of safe and speedy trolleys at workshops at 1pm on Saturday 13th December and then on Thursday 15th of January at the Hot Rod Club at 68 Bolt Road. Bring your materials and part finished trolleys.

There are race categories for all ages less than 99. There are safety rules including the wearing of approved safety helmets, long trousers, jackets and gloves. Entry is free. Pick up your entry form and construction information from Civic House, Collingwood St Supervalue and other retailers around the city.

Sam Laidlaw, last years King Of The Hill, will be unveiling the design of his new trolley at the workshop on December 13.

Jacquetta Bell - Nelson Media Agency

Incomplete Records - Can you help?

As the derby first went online in late 2005,on Wednesday, 21 September at records for the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 derbies are rather patchy

  • the names of several trolleys are missing
  • there are very, very few photos on file

If you think/know that you can help us fill in the gaps, please send an email to ASAP