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Archive: 2005

Andy Williams Steve Steel in Bat Dad approaching the finish line - having started at the very top of Collingwood Street - above Brougham Street
The 2005 Collingwood Street Fresh Choice Trolley Derby:
Saturday, 29 January - 1pm ~ 4pm

76 drivers registered to compete in 56 trolleys on what turned out to be a very, very hot day

From 2002 until 2005, the Nippers were called Zippers, the Monarch of The Hill was called the King of The Hill - and - in 2005 - some of the bravera euphemism for crazier...
the speed hump was introduced in 2004!
drivers started from the very top of Collingwood Street - above Brougham Street... Curiously enough, they didn't go any faster...

29 January 2005 - Media Release

The Collingwood Street Fresh Choice Trolley Derby, raced in perfect summer weather in Nelson on Saturday, drew a record crowd of spectators and some very stylish and speedy self propelled machines.

Even coordinator Antony Hodgson says in spite a few spectacular spills there were no injuries.

"We put the safety features in place, but it is a risky event," he said. "It is one of the few remaining things that people can still do without being hit by the rule book: build something in their back yard and hurtle it down a steep street. It's all free and the growing numbers entering and attending show the support for the concept."

Sponsor Mark A'Court from Fresh Choice said he gave away 4-thousand ice-blocks, 15 hundred more than last year, as an indicator of the crowd size.

Sam Laidlaw held onto the title of King of the Hill for the 4th year, but has had to share first equal (clocked at 65km/h) with Tim Bailey also of Nelson.

Local Green MP Mike Ward raced in the event and also judged the new Style Meister section, which went to Brian (Fangio) Smith in this 1925 Bugatti replica.

The junior Zoomers section was won by Callum Greenfield, the intermediate Sprinters' winner was David Lloyd and the adult Rockets' section was won by Sam Laidlaw.

Jacquetta Bell - Nelson Media Agency

Incomplete Records - Can you help?

As the derby first went online in late 2005,on Wednesday, 21 September at records for the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 derbies are rather patchy

  • the names of several trolleys are missing
  • there are very, very few photos on file

If you think/know that you can help us fill in the gaps, please send an email to ASAP