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Archive: 2007

The 2007 Collingwood Street Fresh Choice Trolley Derby:
Saturday, 10 March

103 drivers registered to compete in 80 trolleys

Holding the event in March (rather than in January) proved to be a winner for all concerned

Under clear blue skies that Nelson is famous for, well over 4,000 people were on hand to witness 103 drivers put 80 trolleys through their paces

The day dawned cool and calm but even before the 'grudge races' were over, temperatures were rising and although an on-shore breeze cooled the heat of the sun, it had little effect on all but the (ahem) 'aerodynamically challenged' trolleys - with record times set in all grades

Note that times from the 2005 derby were lower due to a course slightly shorter than the current 333.3m track

The Red Checkers

As promised, the RNZAF Red Checkers turned up... and down... and end-over-end! And later, their ground-crew raced to a respectable 6th in both the Rockets final and the Monarch of The Hill

photo: Red Checkers Crowd 2007

photo: Red Checkers Heart

photo: Red Checkers 2007

photo: Red Checkers 2007

photo: Red Checkers 2007

photo: Red Checkers 2007

Three Cheers for Community Spirit!

Every year, neighbours the length of the course support the Collingwood Street Trolley Derby

In 2007, our 'wish-list' was longer than ever and we were generously and unhesitatingly supplied with:

  • Electricity for the PA
  • Shady front lawns and garages for our desks
  • Dial Up Internet Connections
  • Broadband Internet Connections!
  • Wireless Broadband Internet Connections!

all with a healthy dose of patience and understanding, without which the derby couldn't happen at all

Thanks to all the YIMBYsYes, in my back yard! of Collingwood Street

2007 Style Meisters

Richard Grimes, General Manager of the WOW Museum judged the Style Meister of The Hill: the trolley and costume combination with the most style

Once again, Christchurch couple Brian and Sharon Smith won the Style Meister award with their with their impeccable replicas - the 1936 Auto Union and the 1925 Bugatti

Richard also awarded family passes to the WOW Museum as prizes for 'style', which went to:

photo: Style Meisters 2007

Brian 'Rosemeyer' Smith
Rosemeyer's Revenge: “the Audi Le Mans replica
Fynn Swanson
Showdown: “a classic Kiwi backyard trolley
Jared Williams
JJ Racer: “Love those fins!
Louis Rowell Williams
The Heart of Gold: “inspired by Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Tyler Stilwell
Silver Speeder: “so sleek it foiled the police radar!
Congratulations on the style, innovation and creativity. There were some wonderful machines on the day and we hope to see all of you and more in 2008

Richard Grimes
General Manager of the WOW Museum

A New Monarch of the Hill

Racing one of his streamlined redwood constructions Red Rak Racer II, Tim Bayley was clocked by the Nelson Police at 70 km/h to wrest the crown of Monarch of The Hill from 'Team Laidlaw', which came 2nd and 3rd equal racing the Blue Bullet (Lincoln McKenzie - 67km/h), the Silver Ghost (Sam Laidlaw - 66km/h) and the Purple Trolley Eater (Greg Shaw - 66km/h)

Every split-second counts

In the heats, only 2.40 seconds separated the top six Rockets trolleys

In the Rockets finals, the racing was even closer with only 1.57 seconds between Tim Bayley, Greg Shaw, Sam Laidlaw, Lincoln MacKenzie, Carl Mead and Bradley Scott - which made for some rather frenzied activity at the results desk!

2007 Rockets Final (1 of 5)

2007 Rockets Final (2 of 5)

2007 Rockets Final (3 of 5)

2007 Rockets Final (4 of 5)

2007 Rockets Final (5 of 5)

Sunday 11 March 2007 - Media Release

Nelson has a new Monarch of the Hill - Tim Bayley took the title from Lincoln MacKenzie at Nelson's Collingwood Street Fresh Choice Trolley Derby on Saturday, racing in a streamlined wooden construction called Red Rak Racer II

Bailey was clocked by the Nelson Police at 70 km/h, with two Sam Laidlaw trolleys taking second and third place clocking times of 67 and 66km/h. And Bailey also won the adults Rockets section, ahead of Greg Shaw (Purple Trolley Eater) and Sam Laidlaw (Silver Ghost)

The trolley derby was raced in perfect conditions in Nelson on Saturday, drawing a crowd of over four-thousand over the day, peaking during the afternoon finals.

Christchurch couple Brian and Sharon Smith won the Style Meister award for the second year running, with their impeccable replica 1936 Auto Union and 1925 Bugatti, complete with black and white checkered 'pits' and authentic pre-war racing outfits.

The Nippers' (under 6) final was won by Luke Rowberry (Lightning Luke)

The Zoomers (7-10 years) went to Jared Williams (JJ Racer)

The Sprinters (11- 14 years) was taken by Philip Palzer (Free Spirit)

Event director Antony Hodgson said it is great to see the trolley derby growing each year as a major Nelson community event.

"The Fresh Choice Trolley Derby has evolved to be a real celebration of back yard creativity and ingenuity," he said. "One of the things I really like about it is the age range - there is everything from under-sixes to over-eighties. I can't think of another participation event with that age range in Nelson."

And he paid tribute to the YIMBYs of Collingwood Street - the neighbours who welcome and support the event.

"The people of Collingwood Street have been fantastically supportive and have let us have free use of everything from shady front lawns and garages through to electricity for the PA and even broadband connections for our laptops."

Jacquetta Bell - Nelson Media Agency