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There was no racing in the 2009 Collingwood Street Trolley Derby due to the rain

The 2009 South Canterbury Finance Collingwood Street Trolley Derby:

Saturday, 28 February

96 driversincl. 9 of the 10 drivers in the SCF Corportate Challenge registered to compete in 78 trolleysincl. 8 of the 10 trolleys in the SCF Corporate Challenge on what turned out to be a very, very wet day

01 March 2009 - Media Release

The wet weather defeated the best of intentions at Saturday's South Canterbury Finance Nelson Trolley Derby.

As the rain set in mid-morning, organisers decided for safety reasons to remove the competitive element and just allow drivers to try out their trolleys in a series of demonstration races.

Derby coordinator Antony Hodgson said at midday they decided to close the event down.

"The drivers were still keen but we had to make a safety decision - these are homemade vehicles and some of the braking systems are not designed to cope with wet weather,"he said. "It was disappointing but everyone took it really well and most drivers had managed to get in a couple of runs."

Nelson City Council Festival Coordinator Sophie Kelly said the inaugural Child Cancer Running of the Balls would go ahead at a later date, probably in a week or two's time.

"Our new sponsors South Canterbury Finance really came on board with the derby and still stand to make a good sum for Child Cancer, with $5,000 already raised through the Smith and Son Wheelbarrow Classic," she said. "There are still balls available for registration and we'll also announce the winner of the Challenge Marine kid's design competition at this event."

The Running of the Balls will be held in Collingwood Street, with the first five numbers through the chute winning prizes - all valued over $300 - such as family tickets to Circus Oz when it comes to Nelson later this month. (March 19 -22)

This week outlets for ball registration will include Everyman, where there will be a display of Rockets (adult trolleys) at the empty premises next door.

Jacquetta Bell - Nelson Media Agency

New sponsors, new trophies, an online forum,A nice idea perhaps, but it didn't really catch on the inaugural Kids' Design Challenge and Running of the Balls (both fundraisers for Child Cancer in the Nelson region) all help to make the derby an even bigger - and still free - community event that says a lot about Nelson and the values of family, fun, friendship and creativity

Collingwood Street Cowboys

Despite the rumours to the contrary, popular demand ensured daredevil extreme trolley carting returns to Nelson this month


Story and photography by Tim Cuff
Wild Tomato: February 2009

WildTomato Media Ltd
PO Box 1901 Nelson
T: +64 3 546 3384

Shed lights have been burning bright into the early hours recently. Around the region and beyond, a dedicated band of pioneer-spirited amateur engineers tinkers with 21st century soapboxes.

Such is the diverse nature of the imaginations of these modern-day Burt Munros, you never really know what will come rolling down Nelson’s Collingwood Street at the end of February… fuelled only by gravity. A dubiously-titled triplane (The Mother Fokker) may taxi up to the start line for the first time, an orca whale may have recently perfected its squirt, or there may just be a La-Z-Boy with some skateboard wheels nailed on.

Last winter, it was announced that the 2009 Trolley Derby was off – postponed to allow for a revamp. But the organisers hadn’t reckoned on the depth of feeling amongst the racers and fans. As the tom-toms drummed, men clad in oily overalls emerged from workshops to heed the call. A new sponsor was found – South Canterbury Finance replacing the Fresh Choice supermarket – and new prizes created to broaden the event. The race was back on.
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Thanks to Amon Consulting

Legal-e Software Limited
Practice Management Systems
From Wednesday, 21 September, 2005 until Friday, 14 November 2008, the trolley derby website was generously hosted (for free!) by Jocelyn Amon, partner at Legal-e Software Limited, developers and marketers of legal practice management systems

Thanks Jocelyn!

Friday, 20 February 2009

As the 2009 South Canterbury Finance Trolley Derby nears, it is opportune for management and staff at South Canterbury Finance to wish you well in your challenges as you compete in your chosen category.

logo: child cancer foundation
We are excited by the opportunity to continue and grow this iconic Nelson event.

As you will no doubt be aware, we are using the Derby as a vehicle to raise funds for those families that have to face up to the challenge that Child Cancer brings to their daily lives.

The business Community has been very forthcoming in their support and we are grateful to them.

Your efforts bring together the Nelson community where all families can enjoy a day of fun and excitement and have their chance to show their support.

Therefore you are a very important part of our efforts to raise funds.

logo: South Canterbury Finance
Gene Cooper,
General Manager,
South Canterbury Finance -Tasman Regional Office


There was no racing in the 2009 Collingwood Street Trolley Derby due to the rain