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The 2010 South Canterbury Finance Collingwood Street Trolley Derby

Saturday, February 27

24 November 2010

STMS TMP for TDC OKd this AM

The Club Funday is a GO! for this Sunday 28 November, 10am ~ 3pm

We have had to do quite a comprehensive Traffic Management Plan for TDC. and we owe a HUGE THANKS to Dominic Williams - (STMS certified) - who has generously taken this on at no charge to the club.

Please Note:

Dominic will be responsible for the traffic management on the day, so whatever he says is the LAW!

We will need help on the day too - ideally from those not wanting to race. 5 people for each of the 5 driveways that come onto the road so that no traffic comes out (Note that this will give you a prime viewing spot for racing - bring a folding chair for comfort and maybe a brolly for shade)


10:30 - Racing Starts
Aim to be and set up ready to race well before

The road will be closed off for intervals of 5-minutes MAX for us to run from the Golden Hills Estate winery entrance to about half-way down the straight towards the Challies Rd corner.

It will be a nice run and we plan to time everyone so that trolleys can race in evenly-matched pairs
12 ~ 1pm - Lunch break in the grounds of the winery
Golden Hills Estates are providing a couple of BBQs - so bring your own:
  • picnic hamper
  • barbecue food to cook
  • non-alcoholic drinks
1 till 2.30pm
More racing
2.30 ~ 3pm
All hands on deck to help breakdown the traffic control equipment

We must be all out of there by 3 for Dominic to sign us off

The day will be essentially the same as the Ruby Bay Bypass events

  • a 'fine weather only' event so - if it looks like rain - listen for a cancellation notice on Nelson's Classic Hits 89.6FM at 8am on the day
  • Open to everyone on the derby mailing list with a safe trolley and personal protection as per a 'regular' derby event - see the recently revised design standards at design/standards.html
  • No food stalls or nearby cafés
    • Bring your own picnic/barbecue lunch
  • DIY shuttles:
    • You'll need to use your own vehicle (trucks, utes, trailers, etc) and your own driver to transport your trolley(s) to the top of the hill
  • We do NOT want to commandeer half the drivers to work as crowd-control marshalls so PLEASE do NOT publicise the event FOR SPECATORS
  • Forewarned = Forearmed
    To give us an idea of how many vehicles and people to anticipate, PLEASE REGISTER your interest by emailing Tim at NOW

Golden Hills Road

Golden Hills Road is a long, gradual rise heading up from the church of Sts Peter and Paul at the corner of the Moutere Highway and Waimea West Road in Appleby

G&T have had a test run in a trolley and report that the road is quite smooth, rather fast (about 85km/h!) and has a great 'run-off/braking' zone long before you splash and/or crash into the ford by the Challies Road corner


The winemakers at Golden Hills Estates are really supportive and keen for us to come out, so maybe you can support them by buying some of their great wine someday...

Fundays require a lot of work

Thanks to all those who have made this day possible:
Dominic, Tim, Gordon, Greg, Andy, Mike, Frog, Turhan, and others...
Without their help these days could not happen.

Logistical Help Still Required

  • Marshalls at the start/finish lines AND at all FIVE driveways on the course

    If you are willing and able to help, please email NOW or phone Tim ASAP on 545 6517

As there have been some costs for the day, entry to the Funday is by koha/donation

We'll be passing the bucket at lunch time

Please be generous and support your club

Some pics by Tim of Golden Hills Road, the Winery and surrounds

picnic area at winery

the lawn down to the road

the view from the top

looking up to the start line from winery

down to the finish

from the top back to nelson

Please note:

the Funday event is alcohol and smoke free

So come on out for a Funday this Sunday, have a great time and get you and your trolley into shape for the next Collingwood Street Trolley Derby in March 2011

20 November 2010 - Media Release

Local Firm Ensures Collingwood St Trolley Derby’s Future

Today, Robertson Chartered Accountants have announced their sponsorship of the Nelson Collingwood St Trolley Derby, now to be called the Robertson’s Trolley Derby 2011, ensuring the derby will run in 2011, and beyond.

The popular derby has been held intermittently on Nelson’s Collingwood St for decades, and its future was in doubt after former naming rights sponsor South Canterbury Finance, went into receivership earlier this year.

Gilbert Robertson, Director at Robertson Chartered Accountants, says the accountancy firm decided to take up the derby’s naming rights sponsorship because it was an important part of the local events calendar, providing families a chance to work together on trolley building projects, or just enjoy the spectacle and activities on the day. The date for the Robertson’s Trolley Derby 2011 and the details of the derby day race categories and activities will be confirmed over the next month.

Emma Thompson - {etc}
Robertson's Derby Media Liaison

03 October 2010

Ruby Bay Bypass II - The Quickening

On Sunday 03 October 2010, we had a sequel to what was supposed to be 'one-off trolley event' down the Dominion Road end of the very-soon-to-be-opened SH60 Ruby Bay Bypass

Thanks to the main contractors and NZTA for inviting us back!

With the road swept there was almost no loose chip - resulting in some amazingly high speeds... Tim Bayley's on-board speedometer registered 97.6 km/h - an (unofficial) record!

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17 September, 2010

Speed fans in drive to save event

A group of keen speed freaks are vowing to keep Nelson's beloved Collingwood Street Trolley Derby running after its major supporters pulled the plug.

Last month's collapse of naming rights sponsor South Canterbury Finance has led to Nelson City Council withdrawing its support, and now the newly formed Nelson Trolley Derby Club is aiming to run the event itself - if it can find a sponsor.

"As soon as SCF were starting to show signs of weakness we figured it was on the line," driver Tim Bayley said...

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16 September, 2010

The all-new Nelson Trolley Club

Next Derby:
10:30am - 4pm Saturday 19 February 2011 (rain day: Sunday)

As you will have no doubt seen in the recent news, South Canterbury Finance is in receivership

Consequently, we have lost the 'naming rights' sponsor for the next derby that was scheduled for Saturday 19 February 2011

Furthermore, as you can see from the message below, the Festival plan not to run the Derby as part of the 2010/2011 Summer Festival

So... the Derby we know and love is - yet again - dormant

Or is it?

Not necessarily!

We now have the opportunity to run the event ourselves... if

  1. there is the interest
  2. we can find a sponsor

The future of the Derby is in your hands

To this end we are setting up the Nelson Trolley Club as drivers and enthusiasts to drive the event forward with the aim of getting the Derby back on Nelson's Summer Calendar

Let's get thinking!

Let's keep going!


Anyone with any ideas please go to the Trolley Derby Facebook page and post your ideas there

15 Sept 2010

As the producers of the Nelson Trolley Derby we have been saddened at the news of the South Canterbury Finance receivership, and we have been now been informed that their sponsorship will cease.

After giving the matter considerable consideration we have made a decision not to run the Trolley Derby as part of the council events programme this summer.

We have been concerned for some time that this event, while delivering extremely well to the drivers and trolley enthusiasts, was not delivering an event that reflected the investment of time and money that was going into it.

Thank you for your interest and support for the Nelson Trolley Derby - it's been a great run and we wish the event every success for the future.

Sophie Kelly
Nelson City Council Festival Producer

23 May 2010

Ruby Bay Bypass

On Sunday 23 May 2010 a rather special, one-off well... it was going to be a 'one off'...
and then we got invited back
trolley event was held down the Dominion Road end of the almost-completed SH60 Ruby Bay Bypass

Peter Warren - Nelson Camera Club

Wider, Steeper, Longer, Faster!

At around 16m wide, the highway was wide enough for 12 trolleys at a time!

  • Collingwood Street has a gradient of 4.2% - 14m vertical over 333.3m

  • The average gradient on the course is 5.56% - 50m vertical over 900m

  • The steepest section of the course is 6.8% - 21.7m vertical over 318m

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27 February 2010

The 2010 South Canterbury Finance Collingwood Street Trolley Derby:
Saturday, 27 February

89 drivers registered to compete in 69 trolleys

On Saturday 27 February 2010, the day dawned cool and clear and progressed superbly into the afternoon, with a gentle breeze (not the 29km/h northerly as forecasted) without the slightest hint of rain!

All in all, it was a great day with only a few minor crashes and more than a few significant developments:

  • trophies-thumb.jpg
    New Trophies made by Russell Menary and Glenn van der Leij

    Originally scheduled to be presented to the winners in the Nippers, Zoomers, Sprinters, Rockets, Monarchs and Style Meisters in the 2009 derby - but that was a wash out
    To help the drivers get in as many races as possible, the area formerly known as The Pits was equipped with its own PA (and a toilet!) and rebranded as The Grid
  • Three members of the Camera Club volunteered to photograph (almost) all of the trolleys at scrutineering
  • Three Emcees provided a running commentary along the full length of the course
  • A new timing system (with Traffic Lights!!!) was succesfully introduced
  • A bucket truck was on site to hoist photgraphers 17m above the finish line
  • A Concours d'Elegance trolleys lined up on display by the finish line plus a stage with a PA for the Prize Giving, featuring - for the first time - the Backyard Brilliance and Britten awards, a Spirit of the Derby cup and an array of truly superb new trophies for the winners in the Nippers, Zoomers, Sprinters, Rockets and Monarchs

Saturday, February 27 2010 - Media Release

The South Canterbury Finance Nelson Trolley Derby was raced in perfect conditions, drawing crowds of spectators to Collingwood Street throughout the day on Saturday.

Sam Laidlaw regained the title of Bunnings Monarch of the Hill, clocked by Nelson Police at 68 km/h, but failing to break the record set by Tim Bayley in 2007 of 70km/h. This year, Tim was second at 67 kmh.

Sam raced a new trolley, sponsored by Village Cycles, and said he had gone for more height to improve the aerodynamics, and had used better wheels than on his earlier trolleys.

Two years of effort had gone into many trolleys after last year’s racing was wiped out by rain, and the overall standard of the vehicles was high, complemented by the 10 entries from business houses in the new SCF Corporate Challenge. This was won by Greg Dyer of Port Nelson, second place went to Gary Mead of SCF Tasman and third to Al Bowers of Hamish Fletcher Lawyers.

Home grown ingenuity was not forgotten, with Nelson Intermediate School taking the new Britten Award for the most imaginative design built with maximum child input; and five year old James Fleet in Batman 09 winning the Blueberry IT award for Backyard Brilliance.

The team from WHK won the Stylemeister Award for their look-alike Thomas the Tank engine, with driver and pit crew dressed thematically. The Spirit of the Derby Award went to Francis Lagrutta in Novus-1, the lie-down canoe.

The Nippers' (under 6) final was won by Kobi Furniss

The Zoomers (7-10 years) went to Ronan Stilwell

The Sprinters (11- 14 years) was taken by Liam King Turner

South Canterbury Finance Tasman Regional General Manager Gene Cooper said it was a fantastic day of family participation.

“The emphasis on children taking part in the event is linked for us with the cause of the Child Cancer Foundation,” he said. “The great support for the Corporate Challenge and for the Running of the Balls gives us a fun way to raise money that stays in the Nelson region to assist with child cancer.”

The Trolley Derby is part of Summer in Nelson, produced by the Nelson City Council as a visitor attraction and a celebration for locals

Jacquetta Bell - Nelson Media Agency

26 February 2010

World Famous in NZ

Rivals gear up for Nelson trolley derby

The lights have been burning late into the night in backyard sheds around Nelson as competitors finish building their racing machines for the city's annual trolley derby.

Download audio: MP3 (duration: 4'00", 1,408KB) from Radio New Zealand

Geoff Moffett
Morning Report
RNZ National 101FM
Friday, 26 February 2020

With 69 trolleys and 89 drivers registered, we are all set for yet another fantastic derby. Young and old, come along for a day of thrills and spills, entertainment and laughter.

It can't rain 2 years running!!!

Antony Hodgson, Technical Director

It seems unlikely that we'll be needing the 'rain day' scheduled the day after; the weather forecast at 5:30am on derby day is for clear skies, 23°C with 37% humidity and 34km/h northerlies... that's more than a breeze!

So, although the (ahem) aerodynamically-challenged trolleys might be a bit slow, the day is set to be all go!

towards-zero-waste-road-sign-left.gif Working Towards Zero Waste

Given that the derby is held in a public space where the public are completely free to enter, perhaps the most daring change for 2010 was to run the derby as a Working Towards Zero Waste event with NO rubbish bins, NO recycling bins and all food and drink vendors on site selected from the Nelson Foodies Database - dispensing their wares in environmentally-friendly packaging that could be disposed of in compost bins in two (rather splendid!) Zero Waste lounges

As the day progressed it became increasingly obvious that the people of Nelson are more than willing to think and act responsibly; at the end of the day, there was much, much less rubbish on the street than in previous years - when there were wheelie bins dotted the length of the course!

Thank you Nelson! You saved the organisers on the day and our great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren a massive clean up bill!

Thanks to the YIMBYs residents of upper Collingwood Street who have been saying "Yes, In My Back Yard" since 2002

The derby continues to develop as a truly community event - helped generously by the sponsors and numerous supporters, including all of the the YIMBYs; residents of upper Collingwood Street who have been saying "Yes, In My Back Yard" since 2002 - providing power, phone-lines, internet connections and sharing the superb location that makes the derby a wonderful annual event on the Nelson calendar

Arrive early for the inevitable frenzy of crashes, have lunch in the outdoor food-court and - after the finals - cheer on your bouncy ball in the Running Of The Balls fundraiser - The Biggest Pinball Game in the World with five great prizes donated by local businesses

24 November 2009 - Nelson Mail Feature

Three designers cream of the crop

COLIN SMITH/ The Nelson Mail
BUDDING RACERS: Engineer Gordon Dacombe, right, takes measurements as Louis Rowell Williams left, Cassandra Cotton and Corbin Blackbourn see how their new trolleys fit.
Three Nelson children, encouraged to let their imaginations run riot, have won a contest to design trolleys for the Collingwood Street Trolley Derby in February.

Louis Rowell Williams, 6, has won the Nippers' section with his Submarine Trolley design, while Cassandra Cotton, 10, won the Zoomers' section with her Cassanator design, and 12-year-old Corbin Blackbourn's Inferno Dragon Racer design took out the Sprinters' section.

Organiser Andy Williams said the inaugural challenge was about children using their creativity and imagination to come up with designs without worrying about the engineering side.

The trio were chosen from 12 entries and have each won a chassis and the expertise of a "trolley nut" mentor to make their designs a reality.

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