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Results: 2010

The 2010 South Canterbury Finance Collingwood Street Trolley Derby:
Saturday, 27 February

89 drivers registered to compete in 69 trolleys


Style Meister Award

WHK presents - Thomas the Tank Engine

2010 Style Meister
This years winner was clear cut for me. The crew from WHK went all-out with their Thomas The Tank Engine trolley, their fantastic top hats and unifoms - right down to name tags!

Although there were a lot of great and beautifully decorated trolleys, I felt no-one went the extra mile like them.

It was so great to see a corporate team take in the spirit of the derby, they were a very approachable crew and I couldn't help thinking to myself that this is just what the derby needs; sponsors with a smile

Nice one, WHK!

Gene Kennedy - SOLO Hairdressing

The BlueBerryIT Backyard Brilliance Awards trolleys built for less than $200

James Fleet - Batman '09

Prize Pack from BlueBerryIT
  • a $50 voucher for Bunnings
  • a $50 voucher for the Recycling Centre to help build next years entry
  • a remote controlled 10th scale Ferrari car to inspire James to greater heights

Batman 09
Batman 09
To build a cart that not only runs great but looks great all for under $200 is a tough ask. There were some great entries this year and it was a crazy hard choosing a winner.

Bug Eyed was up there as was JJ Racer and of course Thomas the Tank Engine. However, for me the winner - Batman 09 - had everything the others had but with that additional X factor.

What was it?

Well, you've gotta love that helmet; safety, jet-black style and bat ears, irresistible!

Well done James!!

Paul Lamb - BlueBerry IT

The Britten Award for the most imaginative design built with maximum child input

Team N.I.S. (Nelson Intermediate School)

Recipients of the the inaugural Britten Award Mike Foster (in the Britten hat), Mr T, Tom Somerville (holding the medal), Blair Clough (holding the book for the school library), Cameron Marchbank (wearing the t-shirt) and Jamie Kunzli (holding the certificate)

  • Blair Clough, Cameron Marchbank, Jamie Kunzli and Tom Somerville
  • Mr T and Mike Foster

It was fantastic to see a school involved in this year's derby. Not only did Mr T help the children get motivated about the project, the students got their hands well and truly dirty sanding into shape the polystrene casing of the trolley.

A special mention must also go out to Mr Foster who was there as support crew for the team but became so much more as he offered his time and enthusiam to event organisers. It is this kind of overall input that we appreciate on the day.

Well done N.I.S.   I hope you put a challenge out there to other schools for next years trolley derby.

Tina Guy - Davis Dyslexia Correction Program

The Spirit of the Derby Cup

Francis Lagrutta - Team Novus

The Spirit of the Derby Cup Formerly The Keith Roper Cup: awarded by the OBHC Trolley Derby

Re-presented in 2009 by Colleen and Trevor Carston:
To be awarded annually to a competitor that has The Spirit of the Derby

presented by Gordon Dacombe (on behalf of Trevor Carston)

Francis and his team at Novus are consistently thinking, working and acting for the good of the derby as a whole

After organising and sponsoring the stunt motorcycle riders, it seems that there wasn't quite enough time to get his own two trolleys ready to compete at their full potential. Nevertheless, it was Francis who was on hand to push his arch rival to victory in the Monarchs!

It's this sort of selfless dedication, commitment and sense of fair play that will ensure that the derby remains what is truly a community event


Andy Williams - Race Coordinator

2010 Kids' Design Challenge Winner
Oliver Perks (549 kB PDF)


Gold 74 34.565s Ronan Stilwell Ronan's Bullet
Silver 95 36.903s Morgan Dacombe Lightning Racer
Bronze 03 38.853s Rebecca Fleet 156 Ferrari


Gold 07 33.378s Liam King-Turner RedRak Racer II
Silver 62 33.690s Jared Dacombe JJ Racer
Bronze 51 34.316s Matty Cook Mercedes W196


Gold 17 31.292s Rowan Turner Safari Spitfire
Silver 14 31.486s Sam Laidlaw Village Screamer
Bronze 16 31.841s Jimmy Matthews Blue Bullet

SCF Corporate Challenge

Gold 104 36.125s Greg Dyer Port Nelson
Silver 101 36.779s Gary (the Stig) Mead SCF Tasman
Bronze 105 38.740s Al Bowers Hamish Fletcher Lawyers

Bunnings Monarch of the Hill

  14 68km/h Sam Laidlaw Village Screamer
  09 67km/h Tim Bayley RedRak Racer III
  01 66km/h Greg Shaw Everyman
  77 65km/h Rory East OR Joe Rae Stanton Red Lightning
  84 63km/h Francis Lagrutta Novus 1
  21 63km/h David Lloyd Bluebird
  35 62km/h Gordon Dacombe Spirit of Burt Munro
  86 55km/h Daniel Gardiner Novus 2
  52 53km/h Shane Ohlson Road Warrior
  08 52km/h Bernd Rosemeyer OR Ellie Rosemeyer Auto Union Streamliner
  11 50km/h Joelene Whitfield Flying Bandanna
  106 48km/h Mark Kerr Tasman Bay Motors
  04 47km/h Hans von Stuck 1936 Auto Union
Running of the Balls
results not on file