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Ruby Bay Bypass II - The Quickening

On Sunday 03 October 2010, we had a sequel to what was supposed to be 'one-off trolley event' down the Dominion Road end of the very-soon-to-be-opened SH60 Ruby Bay Bypass

Thanks to the main contractors and NZTA for inviting us back!

With the road swept there was almost no loose chip - resulting in some amazingly high speeds... Tim Bayley's on-board speedometer registered 97.6 km/h - an (unofficial) record!

04 October 2010

Race not downhill

Nelson Mail
04 October 2010

The future of the popular Nelson Trolley Derby may be uncertain but the trolleys and their drivers are still around and keen to keep it running.

About 50 people - including 20 children - and 25 trolleys turned out for a day of relaxed racing down the newly completed Ruby Bay bypass yesterday, due to open to motorists on October 22.

Patrick Hamilton
Nelson Mail
Trolleys ranged from a sleek resin-covered redwood and lycra racer to a combination of bicycle wheels and plywood banged up in the shed the night before.

Driver Tim Bayley said the private event was "a perfect day". "Everything was good, it was a fun day out trying machines and having a good time ... the weather was perfect and there were no crashes."

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A video of the day by Frog Twissell
N.B. You need Flash to see it.

A video of the day by Frog Twissell - aka frumiousfrog
Video: - 5 mins 42 seconds