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Please recognise that - as a stallholder working on a gig - you and your fellow 'foodies' are part of the professional crew, engaged to work in a potentially hazardous environment, with

  • slippery, uneven, soft and/or 'fragile' surfaces (e.g. lawns, sports fields, etc)
  • loud noises - especially during a sound check
  • obscured and/or congested entrances/exits
  • heavy vehicles - trucks, forklifts, cranes, scissor-lifts, etc
  • light, surprisingly quiet, yet dangerously speedy vehicles - mobility scooters, wheelchairs, kids on scooters, skateboards and bikes, etc
  • pedestrians - other crew, performers, spectators, etc
  • cables - power, telephone, internet, audio, etc, strung up in the air and/or laid out on the ground

As you will (hopefully!) be arriving during the set-up, it is likely that many hazards will NOT be clearly identified (with warning tape, road cones, etc) until the audience arrives

And when it's time to pack up and depart, it may well be dark, with some spectators feeling rather merry thanks to a wine or three

Leave the gate as you found it

As part of the crew, you are authorised to access all areas relevant to the operation of your stall, on condition that you think and act in a responsible, professional manner

  • If a gate or barrier is found open, it should be left open, and if it is closed, it should be left closed.
  • If a light or tap is found on, it should be left on, and if it is off, it should be left off
  • etc

Site speed limit: 5km/h

site-speed-limit site-speed-limit All site traffic must move no faster than walking pace

No exceptions

If you'll be towing a trailer and/or carrying a heavy load and you think you'll need a run-up to get up a slope, then beg, borrow or steal hire a more powerful vehicle - it's almost a certainty that there'll be at least one 4WD on site

See and Be Seen

Vehicles must not reverse without supervision

10 tonne Cable Protector

Never, ever, drive over an 'unprotected' cable

Even if it's on soft grass... and you're driving a balloon-tyred beach buggy

If it's an audio cable, you may well kill the sound to a whole section of the venue

  • A 20m audio cable will cost you around $35 + GST and freight
  • A 50m multi-channel audio snake will cost you around $1,200 + GST and freight

If it's a 63A 3-phase power cable, you may well kill yourself, your passengers and/or innocent bystanders

If you survive, you will be billed for a full replacement of the cable and/or any damaged equipment and/or any loss of income, etc

  • A 20m 3-phase cable will cost you around $600 + GST and freight
  • An 80kVA diesel generator will cost you around $22,000 + GST and freight
  • Refunding a few hundred or even thousands of tickets will cost you HEAPS!

If you're killed, I can help your family arrange caterers, PA, etc for your funeral and they can pay for the replacement cable ;)

This page was last updated: November 23 2012
Te ra ake tenei wharangi, i tera ikei runga te 23 o Whiringa-ā-rangi te tau 2012 te ra

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