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NCC policy for Sugar-free beverages at Council events

3 September 2014

Memo To: Event concession holder
Memo From: Shanine Hermsen
Manager Community Partnerships
Subject: Sugar-free beverages policy for Council events

In July this year, Nelson City Council became the first local authority in New Zealand to introduce a policy that limited the supply of sugar sweetened beverages at Council workplaces and Council funded events. We understand that other Councils around the country are now looking to follow Nelson's lead.

We are concerned about the health and social effects of excessive consumption of sugar in the diets of young people and believe that as a leader in our community, Nelson City Council has a role in promoting good health outcomes for our residents and visitors.

While our policy only prohibits the sale of sugary drinks at Council workplaces and removes them from Council operated vending machines, we are also taking every opportunity of working with concession holders at Council funded events to encourage the supply of healthier beverage choices.

A "sugar sweetened beverage" is any drink that has had calorific sweetener, usually sugar, added prior to sale. The main categories of these sugary drinks include soft drinks, sachet mixes, fruit drinks, cordials, flavoured milks, cold teas and coffees, and energy/sports drinks. We do not include 100% fruit juices or drinks that are artificially sweetened.

There is a convincing body of evidence linking the consumption of sugary drinks with worrying rates of obesity, diabetes and tooth decay in children. The Ministry of Health, for example, report that a 600 ml bottle of soft drink or energy drink contains around 15 teaspoons of sugar. This is very high given the World Health Organisation guidelines that state 12 teaspoons of sugar a day is recommended for an adult, and in Britain, this recommendation has recently been halved.

As a funder and organiser of community events, we believe that we are in a position to seek voluntary compliance from retailers who operate at these events. As a prospective concession holder at an event which is likely to have a high attendance of young people, we are asking you to give serious consideration to joining us in this initiative.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards, Shanine Hermsen

See also: Nelson Foodies policy on serving drinks at ALL events

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