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Venues in the Nelson Region

Site plans, maps, photos and info on mains power supplies

See also:
generators and distro gear available for hire in Nelson
requirements for all stallholders using electrical appliances

Mains Power Supply

1903 Square - Stage

Downstage Right
  • edit ??? 32A PDL 56
  • edit ??? * 10A flat pins
Upstage Right
  • one 32A PDL 56
  • 2 * 10A flat pins
Upstage Left

Lantern (by Vic Rose)

  • 1 * 63A CEE form
  • 1 * 10A flat pin

Church Steps


Mains Power Supply

South West corner, behind the in-house stage

two 10A flatpins (25A breaker)

one 32A PDL 56CV532 ( 63A breaker)

Victory Square

victory-square-park-thumb.png Aerial

Mains Power Supplies

Half-way line

both sides of the entrance to the pavilion tunnel

in the changing rooms

  • several 10(?)A flatpins

10m north of the western stands

  • one 10A flatpin

North West Pylon

23m north of the western stands

  • two PDL 32A 500V 56CV532

North East Pylon

28m diagonally across the grass to the end of the velodrome straight

  • two PDL 32A 500V 56CV532

Wainui Gate

  • one 20(?)A flatpin

Southern End of East Stand

  • two GEWiSS GW 66 532 (IP66 CE Form) 63A

South East Pylon

37m east of centre stage

  • two PDL 32A 500V 56CV532

Southern Score Board

  • one 20(?)A flatpin

Southern Wall

by the cycle track, 20m left of centre stage

  • one 20A flatpin

Trafalgar Park Lane

over the southern perimeter fence

  • three hugenormous green boxes

Maitai Gate (SW corner)

  • one PDL 32A 500V 56CV532

South West Pylon

15m south of the western stands

  • two PDL 32A 500V 56CV532
  • one 16A Cee Form (caravan)

Trafalgar Park Aerial

Mains Power Supplies

Two Distro boxes

installed mid 2012

larger copy

Please Note: the 3-phase feeds are 20A PDL-56CV520s
i.e. they're not the 'industry standard' 32A PDL-56SO532s
nor are they 'caravan plugs', e.g. 20A PDL-56CV320s

larger copy

approx 22m from the northern (front, right) corner of Isel House
  • three 10A flatpins
  • one 20A PDL 56 CV 520
where the glasshouses used to be at the southern (rear, left) corner of Isel House
  • three 10A flatpins
  • one 20A PDL 56 CV 520
Isel House

exterior wall - northern side

  • a couple of 10A flatpins

Isel House

panorama: larger copy

Vehicle Entrance

via Hilliard Street (off Marsden Road)
see Aerial

Gates AND Distro Box Key

Yellow Parks key (with retain 'feature')

Locked Gates at the south (left, rear) corner of Isel House

  • 3.28m wide - access to front lawn
  • 3.52m wide - access to garden loop road

Hugenormous Table

Depsite advanced warnings from arborists, the council chose to do nothing to protect the trees planted by Marsden

Dovecote at right

Isel House in the background


Table made from heritage tree timber sourced from Isel Park & surrounding areas.
These trees were blown down in the 30 July 2008 storm

Mains Power Supply

approx 13m from the kerb opposite 15 Brougham Street

larger copy

  • one 32A PDL56
  • one 16A Cee Form (caravan)
  • four 10A flatpins (2 pairs with two 20A breakers)

Fairfield Park Aerial

Fairfield Park

Mains Power Supplies

Baigent Workshop

  • quite a few 10A flatpins

Bristol Green

Two power boards on the fence by railway line, each with:

  • one 16A Cee Form (caravan)
  • two 10A flatpins
  • one 20A PDL 56

Crown Livery Stable

  • twelve 10A flatpins
  • one 32A PDL56 - concealed behind the In the Drivers Seat phone panel

hidden 32A power supply: larger copy

Energy Centre

Under the Switch Board
  • Two double flat-pins (20A breakers)
  • Two 32A PDL56
On each of the five wide walls
  • Two double flat-pins (20A breakers)
By the west-side double doors
  • One 32A PDL56


By the 'front' doors
  • One 32A PDL56
Around the room
  • Eleven double flat-pins (20A breakers)
In the kitchen
  • Five double flat-pins (20A breakers)

Granary Lawn

  • one 16A Cee Form (caravan)
  • two 10A flat-pins


Village Green

One power board by the path (at the rear of the Bank of New South Wales) with:

  • one 15A flatpin
  • five 10A flatpins
  • one 32A PDL 56SO532
Circuit Breakers
  • three 16A
  • one 32A three phase

Founders Heritage Park

87 Atawhai Drive
The Wood
03 548 2649

larger copy

larger copy

Baigent Square panorama: larger copy

Mains Power Supply

Public Toilets by Oxford Street car park
photo by Sam Lovell - washborne-gardens-power-box-1-thumb
larger copy

Washbourn Gardens

site plan Aerial

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