The Suter Theatre

Theatre CLOSED from December 2014 until October 2016

Redevelopment Project

A significant building redevelopment project is underway to ensure The Suter's future as a vibrant public arts centre for the 21st century

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Technical Specs of the Suter Theatre, an intimate black-box venue with 100% blackout and seating for an audience of 159 in eight tiered rows (A to H)

208 Bridge Street
03 548 4699
Terms of Hire
venue bookings:
technician: 027 2205 111

		Stage Door
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Access to the Venue
	There is no loading bay	
	The car parks in Bridge Street change from P60 to free right outside the gallery, 
	so the spaces by the stage door are often filled by commuters from around 
	7:45am til 5pm-ish Monday to Friday  
	Take care when wheeling road cases down the ramp from the footpath, 
	as the Queen's Gardens' eel pond is unfenced

Back Stage Downstairs 930mm (3'1") wide corridor between USL and USR Minimal storage space Alloy extension ladder (reaches lighting grid) Laundry sink Fire Hose Upstairs Green room overlooking Queen's Gardens Dressing Room with 4 make-up positions, and a hand basin Toilet and hand basin Note that the hot water cylinder is left OFF to save power It can be turned ON by arrangement with the Suter - takes a day or so to get up to temperature
Fire Exits Back Stage Stage Door - 1530mm (5'0¼") wide by 2325mm (7'7½") high with a 60mm (2⅓") step Note: This is an emergency exit, and the entrance/exit for wheelchairs double doors at USR 1540mm (5'0½") wide by 2200mm (7'2½") high sliding door at USL: 2.3m (7'6½") wide by 2.2m (7'2½") high Front of House (to Art Gallery Foyer) two 940mm (3'1⅛") by 1990mm (6'6") single doors by seats H01 and H19 Note that the Fire Detectors are heat sensitive so they do not get triggered by hazers, smoke machines, etc unless they're actually on fire ;)
Internet There is no WiFi in the Suter. However, the mobile broadband units from Telecom, Vodafone, etc do work perfectly well from the stage and the control booth suter/patch-points.png diagramme Lighting The 'permanent' house rig (included in the venue hire) is set up for lectures, seminars, and talks Issues to Note Any alterations to the house rig must be 'reversed' at the end of a hire The angle from FOH3 (waylines 29 to 34) to the stage is too shallow for standard lighting With fixed seating, access to all FOH positions is via a ladder (stored backstage) On major installs with MANY on-stage fittings, it can be worth hiring in a scaff tower or very small scissor lift or genie to access LX1, LX2, and the on-stage booms note the stage door dimensions House Rig DSR (typically for banners/posters/floral art displays/etc) one ancient 300W fresnel in wayline 55 two ancient 650W ZoomSpot in waylines 61 and 67 DSL (typically for a lecturer, Emcee, etc) 4 * Selecon Acclaim 650W fresnels in waylines 57, 53, 28, and 36 Apron Wash (for lecturers who wander) 4 * Acclaim fresnels on FOH1 3 * Acclaim PCs on FOH2 (note that FOH1 is so close to the apron, it sorta works like an LX1 would in many other venues) There is NO GEL in house suter-lx-patch-panel-2014-thumb
larger copy
Tech Booth 76 waylines - see diagramme 3 * 32A 500V 56 SO 532 PDL feeds 3 * (12 x 2.4kVA) Wallpak (analogue) dimmer packs Ancientwith some rather sticky sliders analogue 36 channel Theatrelight Showmaster desk Note: The booth was designedor, at least, built primarily for Cinema Projection As only one of the sound-proofing windows can slide open, the space is completely unsuited for mixing live audio, and pretty damned difficult for LX techs to hear cues from the cast during a performance But hey, that's show business ;)
larger copy
Sound There is no 'snake' in-house There is a pair of RCA leads from DSL to the mixer in the control booth Note: Laptops with 3-pin power supplies used for slideshows/videos etc AND audio can (do!) produce serious earthing hum A budget-brand stereo ground loop isolator is available (30W per channel, 20Hz ~ 26kHz) For 'best quality' audio, bring a professional 'hum destroyer' In House Gear 2 * QSC K10 speakers (rigged above the red drapes' tab-track) 2 * Sennheiser Freeport lapel mics 2 * Sennheiser handheld mics 3.5mm (⅛") stereo (to fit the standard audio out from laptops) to 2 * RCA Soundcraft Notepad 124 mixer (no graphical EQ) with 4 XLR inputs see
Stage Flat and smoothi.e. not 'raked'

a piano can be gently wheeled
around without going out of tune
hardwood timber floor, and gibaka drywall, plasterboard,
wallboard, gypsum board
walls all painted matte black 5.4m (17'8½") floor to grid 5.98m (19'7½") deep - including the space upstage of the cinema screen 12.18m wide (39'11½") - including wheelchair ramps 10.02m wide (32'10½") - excluding wheelchair ramps Wheelchair Ramps at DSR and DSL 108cm (3'6½") wide dropping 17cm (6½") over a horizontal distance of 192cm (6'7") upstage of the apron down to the carpet by seats A01 and A20 Cinema Screen 8m by 3.1m (motor control in Tech Booth) 89cm downstage of the rear wall Thanks to the angle from the projector to the screen, a 1.8m5'11" tall presenter/actor can walk pretty much anywhere down-stage of the red drapes without casting a shadow on the screen However, even though the stage is painted matte black, there's quite a bit of relected spill unless the 'apron wash' lights are dimmed down to a very low level Drapes Reds (motor control in Tech Booth) tab track across centre-stage curving to DSL and DSR Blacks (manual) - 5cm downstage of cinema screen tab track across up-stage curving to CSL and CSR For gigs requiring a full 'black box' stage, two crew can de-rig both sets of drapes in about 45mins
Video VGA cable from centre-stage-right (with 5m of slack) to the projector (for lectures with slide-shows/videos/etc ex on-stage laptops) The Suter has three different Mac-to-VGA dongles (adaptors) Panasonic PT-D3500E data projector - see Use of the projector is subject to an additional feeNot included in the venue hire
Check with the Suter Admin for rates
Resolutions 16:9 4:3 (S)4:3 Lamp: 300W, 3,500lm Note: Although this unit is showing it's age, it is certainly OK for ordinary (e.g Hi-Definition YouTube quality) videos and slide-shows with images that do NOT need to be 'perfect' in terms of contrast, brightness, gamma-correction, etc It's only ultra-high quality, detailed images (e.g. extreme close-ups of oil paintings, fine fabrics, etc) that look 'less than perfect'
Wheelchair Access Note that until the Redevelopment Project is completed, access to the theatre for patrons in wheelchairs is only via the Stage Door, then through the double doors at USR, across the stage, down the ramps and in to row A