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Time Line - 2002 to 2011

A time line of events from 2002 when the derby became an annual fixture in the Nelson Summer Festival until late 2011, when the Nelson Trolley Club launched it's own website:

a filming run for the Kiwi Flyer

22 August ~ 14 September 2011
Filming of the Kiwi Flyer with local actors landing 34 of the 39 roles
26 March 2011
107 drivers registered to compete in 85 trolleys
The first Collingwood Street derby organised by the Nelson Trolley Club
The launch of the Shoestring Challenge
The first on-location filming runs for the Kiwi Flyer held during the lunch break
24 Nov 2010
Sunday Funday - Golden Hills Road
20 Nov 2010
Robertson Chartered Accountants became naming-rights sponsor
03 Oct 2010
Ruby Bay Bypass II - The Quickening
18 Sep 2010
Prominent derby stalwarts - notably Tim Bayley and Gordon Dacombe - establish the Nelson Trolley Club in an attempt to “drive the event forward with the aim of getting the Derby back on Nelson's Summer Calendar
15 Sep 2010
Nelson City Council Festival Producer announces decision not to run the Trolley Derby as part of the council events programme
31 Aug 2010
South Canterbury Finance (naming-rights sponsor) placed into receivership
23 May 2010
a rather special 'one-off' well... it was going to be a 'one off'...
and then we got invited back
trolley event was held down the Dominion Road end of the almost-completed SH60 Ruby Bay Bypass
27 Feb 2010
90 drivers registered to compete in 79 trolleys
What was The Pits renamed as The Grid with a PA... and a toilet!
New timing system (with Traffic Lights!!!) succesfully introduced
Working Towards Zero Waste
  • Food and Drink Vendors dispensing compstable packaging
  • Zero Waste lounges
  • Almost no rubbish left behind!
Badges for all Nippers
A Concours d'Elegance and a stage with a PA and for the Prize Giving
The launch of the Backyard Brilliance Awards, the Britten Awards and the Spirit of the Derby
28 Feb 2009
96 driversincl. 9 of the 10 drivers in the SCF Corportate Challenge registered to compete in 78 trolleysincl. 8 of the 10 trolleys in the SCF Corporate Challenge on what turned out to be a very, very wet day
abandoned the 'split-grades' malarkey that (in allowing one trolley to be entered in the Zoomers and Sprinters or the Zoomers and Rockets or the Sprinters and Rockets) had costs (in the way of logistical headaches) that far exceeded the benfits to all but a very few families... and no-one complained! Cool!
introduction of the Running of The Balls, the Kids' Design Challenge and the Backyard Brilliance Awards
and then it rained
and rained
14 Nov 2008
Trolley Derby website migrated from to its own domain:
02 Oct 2008
South Canterbury Finance became naming-rights sponsor
Mid April 2008
Mark A'Court of Fresh Choice (the naming-rights sponsor) suggests 'resting' the derby for a year and perhaps rebranding the event as a Festival de Wheels
Late March 2008
Tony Simpson of Cave Rock Films announces plans for a trolley movie
08 Mar 2008
101 drivers registered to compete in 81 trolleys
10 Mar 2007
103 drivers registered to compete in 80 trolleys
RNZAF Red Checkers turned up... and down... and end-over-end!
Monarch of The Hill crown finally wrested from 'Team Laidlaw'
24 Feb 2007
introduction of the Marsden Valley Trials; pre-derby warm-up and scrutineering
28 Jan 2006
89 drivers registered to compete in 69 trolleys
introduction of Online Registrations
21 Sep 2005
derby website launched - hosted (for free!) at
29 Jan 2005
76 drivers registered to compete in 56 trolleys on what turned out to be a very, very hot day
Supervalue rebranded as Fresh Choice (naming-rights sponsorship continues)
introduction of the Style Meisters
creation of the Design Guide
24 Jan 2004
87 drivers registered to compete in 64 trolleys
18 Jan 2003
58 drivers registered to compete in 50 trolleys
Collingwood Street Supervalue Supermarket became naming-rights sponsor
introduction of 'split-grades' - allowing families with only one one trolley to enter the Zoomers and Sprinters or the Zoomers and Rockets or the Sprinters and Rockets
26 Jan 2002
78 drivers registered to compete in 55 trolleys
The first of nine successive derbies organised by the Nelson Summer Festival - thanks to the (allegedly) relentless efforts of Sam Laidlaw
Many drivers from one team could be registered to compete in several grades in the one trolley
Equal parts chaos and fun

Style Meisters

2005 Brian (Fangio) Smith Type 35 Bugatti
2006 Brian (Rosemeyer) Smith
Sharon (The Bugatti Queen) Smith
1936 Auto Union
1925 Bugatti
2007 Brian (Rosemeyer) Smith
Sharon (The Bugatti Queen) Smith
1936 Auto Union
1925 Bugatti
2008 Team Fangio Smith 1937 Auto Union C-Type
Type 35 Bugatti
Auto Union Avis Record Wagen
2009 No Awards: Rained off
2010 WHK Thomas the Tank Engine

Monarch of the Hill

73km/h 2002 > Stewarts Cycles Bulleta.k.a. Blue Bullet 
70km/h 2003
Blue Bullet
Red Rak Racer II
Sam Laidlaw
Tim Bayley
69km/h 2004
Blue Bullet
The Everyman
Sam Laidlaw
Greg Shaw
68km/h 2010 Village Screamer Sam Laidlaw
65km/h 2005 Blue Bullet
RedRak Racer
Jason Hansen
Tim Bayley
24.76sNo radar available 2006 Blue Bullet Lincoln MacKenzie
N/A 2009 No Racing: Rained off






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Photos and Videos Online

2009 Marsden Valley Trolley Time Trials on DuoMedia:

There are many photos from 2003 onwards at the derby Fotki page:
Trolley Derby on Fotki:
We have a (slowly) growing number of videos on YouTube:
2008 derby on Channel N - Nelson's online YouTube channel:

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Contribute your Photos and Videos

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We are very keen to hear from anyone prepared to shoot and edit videos, preferably from multiple camera locations, which we can set up (elevated, with mains power) pretty much anywhere on the course

Spectacular Crashes

Peter Joyce crashing the Stanton Red Arrow in the 2008 derby

Click on a thumb-nail to see a larger copy of these photos by Chris Hogan ( of Maniac Photography

Tim Bayley crashing the RedRak Racer II in the 2007 derby

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Incomplete Records - Can you help?

As the derby first went online in late 2005,on Wednesday, 21 September at records for the 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 derbies are rather patchy

  • the names of several trolleys are missing
  • there are very, very few photos on file

If you think/know that you can help us fill in the gaps, please send an email to ASAP