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This web site makes extensive use of CSS for styling . If you can read this message, it is probably because your browser does not properly support CSS or you have disabled this yourself. Although the content looks better with with CSS 'turned on', this site is perfectly readable either way. One oddity you may notice (with CSS turned off) is the display of text that is intended for PRINTERS ONLY

convert to utf-8

Type (or paste) the word(s) to be 'converted to utf-8' here:

Click the button:

Then copy what appears here:

what this does

The form above is for those (like me!) who want to avoid reading This page is not Valid HTML5!

Its for times when

how it works

It works by looping each character throught a simple (but rather looooong) series of javascript IF statementsnote and replaces the non-ascii chars with 'legal' chars from the UTF-8 charset

if (curChar == "¾") {charCode = "¾";}
if (curChar == "“") {charCode = "“";}
if (curChar == "‘") {charCode = "‘";}

an oddity

Unlike all other pages on this site that use UTF-8, this page uses the windows-1252 charset

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">

Otherwise the IF statements would always return as false!


A simple (but rather looooong) series of javascript IF statements

return to the section on javascript IF statements

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