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rbutr's ultimate goal is to provide an easy way out of the confirmation bias bubble we all subconsciously construct around ourselves, where we are only ever presented claims and beliefs with which we already agree
a variety of 'industry-standard' website development software that is both free (as in lunch) AND cost-effective in terms of ongoing maintenance costs
a collection of tools developed in-house to help make designing, implementing and maintaining websites a doddle
convert to utf-8
replace illegal (non-standard UNICODE Consortium) characters with the nearest equivalent ASCII character
entities: html, decimal and hexadecimal codes
large (90kB) table of the HTML 4 entities for Latin-1 (ISO 8859-1) characters, symbols and Greek letters sorted into categories of Alphabetical Characters, Arrows, Currency symbols, Mathematical symbols, Punctuation and Typographical symbols
javascript: enabled or disabled in your browser
how and why javascript can and should be turned off or on
obfuscator: one component in the Derby Web Development approach to fighting sp@m
hide email addresses by converting plain text to html characters e.g. spammmers suck
teh interwebs: replete with helpiosity related to web authoring
a collection of URLs for sites that help make designing, implementing and maintaining non-browser, non-resolution specific websites

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